Effector. Educator. Entreprenuer.

About Lasana Omar Hotep

Name: Lasana (translation: Poet of the People)
Occupation: Iconoclast/Thinker/Solutions Expert
Super Powers: Ability to simplify complex issues; exegete; quick wit
Education: Autodidactic with a splash of formal education B.A. in History and Speech Communications – Texas State University – San Marcos M.A. in History – Arizona State University
Interests: Reading, Travel, Basketball (playing/fan) and Baseball (fan)
Hometown: Oakland, California (reside); San Antonio, Texas (came of age); Los Angeles, California (home)
Expertise: Student Equity, Cultural Fluency, African-American Culture and History, Black and Latino Male Student Success
Mission: To create harmonious human relationships through education and consultation.

Lasana Omar Hotep is an entrepreneur, essayist and educator to providing insight and practical strategies in the areas of student development, cultural fluency and institutional equity. He is skilled at using the mediums of public speaking, workshop facilitation, panel discussions, writing and one-on-one consultation to communicate his expertise, scholarship and problem-solving strategies. Lasana’s fact-based, witty, multimedia presentations inform and inspire individuals to think critically about themselves and society.

Professionally, Lasana has served as an associate television news producer (KXAN Austin), Vice President of a wireless franchise (Premier Communication Solutions), an elementary school teacher and Dean at the collegiate level. One of his most notable achievements is the development of the nationally recognized African-American Men of Arizona State University (AAMASU) program. AAMASU is a college readiness program targeting high school students in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and a college organization. The program has been the subject of doctoral dissertations and serves as a model for several institutions with initiatives targeting Black males. He shared his programmatic insights with the Turning the Tassel Symposium at Morehouse College and has consulted colleges and universities on their Black male enrichment programs.

Authors of edited volumes have solicited his unique perspective and analysis. Lasana has contributed chapters to several publications including African-American Men in College (Jossey-Bass 2006), The State of Black Arizona (ASU 2008), Be A Father to Your Child: Real Talk from Black Men of the Hip Hop Generation (Soft Skull 2008), The Black Male Handbook: A Blueprint for Life (Atria 2008), and Icons of Black America (Greenwood 2011). As a filmmaker, he is the writer and producer of the documentary film Trending Race: Shaping and Embracing Black and Brown Identity (CSRD 2012).

As an entrepreneur, Lasana is the Lead Consultant for Hotep Consultants and the co-founder and co-owner of Ogun Media Incorporated. Ogun Media is comprised of a team of digital media warriors who developed the lifestyle mobile application and website MyClickUrban.com.

As a higher education professional, he has served as the program coordinator for Arizona State University’s Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (CSRD) and as Director of Multicultural Affairs at Estrella Mountain Community College (Avondale, AZ). Most recently, he has served as the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Equity and Student Success for the Peralta Community College District (Oakland, CA). He currently serves as the Dean of Student Equity and Support Programs at Skyline College in San Bruno, California.